The examination is over man! can you feel how free it is for now? i just can't believe it is over. 

so my 'To Do' list after the examination is~

  • win all the games that i have left behind.
  • renew the blog
  • participate in guitar class or baking class
  • buy something for my room
  • play games
  • hangout
  • read comics
  • buy comics
  • sleep all day long
  • waiting for result
  • submit boarding school
  • play games
  • play more games
  • hangout 
  • play more more games
basicly, i want to play games. thats it. game~ game game game game game !!!
yeah, games..................... 

meanwhile the result is processing. shit. that is what disturbing my mind right now. why result, WHY?!
i hope my result is straight A's. cuz you know... asian... always target for straight A's... lololol

btw, before the examination started school has launched tons of programs who knew that following the program could make me fall for someone. . . . . . .

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