Boy : hey, i wanna ask you something.

Girl : hm? what?

Boy : do you.. like me?

Girl : of course i like you.i mean, we are friends right?

Boy : yea, sure......

Girl : hm, friends. it means that we have to like each other right? friend can not be formed by two individuals that hate each other. we have to be loyal to each other to be friend. like us. well in some cases, in friends there are betrayers. i just hate betrayers. i've known some betrayers that broke my heart. and...

Boy : okay okay i get it. you dont have to give me sheets of speech. shishh..

Girl : hehe, by the way, why do you ask me such question?

Boy : i think, i cant be your friend.

Girl : but why? don't you like me?

Boy : no, i dont.

Girl : huh?

Boy : i love you.

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